You are invited to join this eclectic meal from the bounty of the sea and crops grown in rich soil.

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Ethnic Enclave: Japantown: Harry Masatani
The early years of the 20th century saw major growth in the agriculture business in the Santa Maria Valley. The valleys rich soil, mild temperatures, and Westerly winds provided the ideal climate for growing crops. Taking advantage of the regions abundant natural resources, newly arrived Japanese immigrants began to farm broccoli, peas, strawberries, and lettuce. Towns like Guadalupe and Santa Maria witnessed a major boom in immigration of Japanese farm laborers, creating unique Japanese ethnic enclaves, avidly called Japantowns. “The people are all gone now, but they left a lot of memories. The doctor, the shoemaker, the dentist, the pharmacist, they were all Japanese.” “Even the Christmas play at the grammar school, so many Japanese kids, not so many whites…a Japanese boy was Jesus Christ. I was one of the wise men, they gave me a flashlight and I’m standing behind Jesus Christ with a flash light shining…making it look like he had a halo.”