Pismo Clam



For thousands of years, people have eaten clams collected along the coastline. The local Pismo clam is exceptionally large, reaching 7” across! Commercial diggers collected an estimated 6.25 million pounds of clams between 1916 and 1947. A year later, commercial digging was banned. Today the limit is 10 per day for clams 4 ½” inches or larger (with a fishing license). Leave the little ones to keep growing.


“My folks went out, they watched the tides, took me out of bed and put me in the back seat with a blanket, and went out and clammed again so that they could both get two limits of clams. I remember hearing stories of people coming to just get limits, and limits, and limits and taking them to feed the cattle. They would overfish. The game warden learned to sit up high with his binoculars and watch when somebody took a load of clams to the car and went back out and took another load of clams to the car and went back out. Today, the clamming is none.”

-Shirley Boydstun

Note: The clams are making a comeback. Still too small to be considered legal, we are hopeful that we will enjoy clamming again in the future.

Pismo Clams 6