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It wasn’t just food farmers were growing, but also flowers for seed. 

By the 1870s, the area’s population and commerce was growing. Local wharfs and the railroad made selling agricultural products more efficient. Gypsum was mined and shipped to San Francisco for processing. Farmers grew lettuce, beans, sugar beets, and even flower seeds for export. Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos worked the farms. Immigrants from Switzerland helped establish the local diary industry. Later immigrants arrived from Mexico and Latin America.


What is the lasting heritage from your ancestors?

“The lasting heritage from my ancestors that I see today continuing on into the next generation of our family is the idea of hard work and giving back to the community just like my grandparents Clarence and Rosalie Minetti did for so many years.  I also see family at the core of our daily life as was so important to them.  Our roots in agriculture in this valley are still going very strong and it is exciting to see the love of farming and ranching in the eyes of the youngest members of our family.”
—Michelle Minetti-Smith

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